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Wednesday I headed over to Night Shift brewery for the release of their Bean Porter. To celebrate they were giving away free mugs to the first 300 people that were able to come down and drink one. The place was pretty packed, but, thanks to my work day ending just a bit earlier that the standard, I ended up getting there in time for the mug and got to enjoy some great beer. Let’s take a look at what was pouring:

Beer: Bean Porter

Brewery: Night Shift Brewing

Style: Porter

ABV: 7.0%

Description: A porter aged in bourbon barrels with coffee beans and vanilla.

Pour Info: Poured from draft line into my mug. Seeing as this was the release party, the beer was about as fresh as you can get. $8 to fill the mug.

Appearance: Dark brown body with a foamy tan head.

Smell: Coffee! Lots of fresh coffee!

Taste: Big coffee taste upfront. Followed by some very slight roasted tastes and chocolately notes that blend into a hint of vanilla on the finish.

Mouth Feel: This was a bit thinner than I had expected it to be as it was on the lower side of medium bodied. Low carbonation.

Hype Factor: I was a big fan of the previous release, so I had high exectations.

Overall: The beer did not disappoint. The coffee notes were fantastic and it had just the right amount of roastiness for me. A pleasure to drink, I’ll be back for more of this.


Beer: Resonance

Brewery: Night Shift Brewing

Style: IPA

ABV: 5.4%

Description: Taproom only IPA. Listed as having a malty grain bill paired with limes and melon.

Pour Info: On tap, poured into a 4 oz. sampling snifter.

Appearance: Golden/Light brown color. Bubbly thin white head.

Smell: Limey mixed with dank bitter hops.

Taste: Lots of lime up front. A very resinous and piney hop follow up. The two tastes compliment each well and enhance each other quite a bit. Don’t really get much of the malt they mentioned.

Mouth Feel: Typically mid bodied and carbonated for the style.

Hype Factor: Moderate. Always game to try out anything they release.

Overall: Definitely an interesting beer. While I didn’t dislike it, I don’t think I’d ever want more than a 4-8 oz. serving of it and probably won’t do this one again. The lime dominates and all the bitter citrus acidity packs quite a punch when blended with the piney hops. I could see some people loving this beer and an equal number hating it.


Beer: Monroe

Brewery: Night Shift Brewing

Style: DIPA

ABV: 8.0%

Description: Latest entry in their “Presidential Series” of DIPAs. Billed as having intense tropical fruit and peach flavors and aromas.

Pour Info: On tap, poured into a 4 oz. sampling snifter.

Appearance: Light pale body with a thin white head.

Smell: I surprisingly did not get much smell out of this one. Faint fruity hops.

Taste: Now it gets going. Tropical fruits up transition to piney hops on the finish. Overall pretty well balanced and not over the top hoppy.

Mouth Feel: Medium bodied with nice bubbly carbonation.

Hype Factor: Moderate +. Previous entries in this series have all been pretty good so it comes from good company.

Overall: Solid and delicious. I am still waiting on that one killer IPA/DIPA from Night Shift (Citranation was probably their best so far), but this is in the upper tiers of their take on the style. Might need to give it another go.


Beer: Smolder

Brewery: Night Shift Brewing

Style: Stout

ABV: 8.2%

Description: Described as robust and smoky stout with notes of roasted coffee, dark chocolate, and black cherry.

Pour Info: On tap, poured into a 4 oz. sampling snifter.

Appearance: Black body with a thick tan head.

Smell: Roasted chocolate and maybe some coffee.

Taste: Toasted malts with chocolate on the finish. I did get a little of the black cherries as the beer warmed, but it’s very subtle.

Mouth Feel: Low carbonation is perfect, but this was also a little thinner than I would have thought.

Hype Factor: I kept modest expectations on this one. I tend to not go for even moderately smoky beers but I gave this one a try based on how well some of their other stouts have come out recently.

Overall: I didn’t love it. It was a bit too roasty for me but I can imagine some people being really into this one.


Well that’s it from Night Shift for this week. They are having another release next week that I’ll be sure to check in, so plenty of great beers yet to come.