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Now that the snow is finally subsiding a bit I’m more eager to venture out of the house and hit up some of my favorite spots.  High atop that list is Night Shift Brewery, and the timing was perfect as my return visit happened to coincide with the release night of Funk’d Blanc, the third installment in the brewery’s Brett fermented Funk’s series. Let’s see how it turned out:


Beer Name: Funk’d Blanc

Brewer: Night Shift Brewing

Style: American Wild Ale

ABV: 8.0%

Description: Labeled as a 100% Brett fermented ale aged in white wine barrels.

Pour Info: 8 oz. pour on tap into a tulip glass

Price: $6 on draft and $16 for a 750 ml bottle.

Appearance: Pours a very light golden color with a half finger white head that slowly bubbles away.

Smell: Smell is subtly tart and funky.

Taste: Tart up front followed by a little bit of bitterness.  Transitions to a sweeter and lightly funky finish.  White fine after taste brings everything together to a satisfying conclusion.

Mouth Feel: On the thinner side of medium and a little bit syrupy.  Pleasant little bubbles tingle throughout.

Hype Factor: Considering how awesome the first two entries in the series, Funk’d Citra and Funk’d Porter, were I knew I had to get into the brewery and check this one out.  We’re also in build-up mode for the Extreme Beer Fest (which was the time Citra came out last year) so I was eager to see what they would be rolling out.

Overall: Definitely check this one out though while it is available at the brewery as it is very unique and interesting.  This was certainly a good beer, but for my tastes it wasn’t a standout.  If you’re really into white wine, I think you would rate this significantly higher.

Taking Flight


To get a sense of some of the other beers that were on tap, I also tried out a flight of some hoppy offerings while I was there.  In the order shown above, I sampled Adams, Neptune, Triton, and Morph.  Adams is a DIPA and the latest installment in another set of beers the brewery has going, their Presidential DIPAs. It pours a cloudy orange and has a nice hoppy citrus taste.  Neptune is a 4.6% Pale Ale made solely with Simcoe hops.  Very piney taste with hints of passion fruit.  Triton is essentially the same beer as Neptune, but with more fruit; specifically guava, strawberry, and pear.  These fruits, and the strawberry in particular, really step up to the piney bitterness from the Simcoe hops and create a really refreshing and delicious Pale Ale.  Closing out the flight was the latest version of Morph.  This one delivered as advertised, very crisp and with tropical fruits and slightly hoppy finish.  Probably the best in the series so far.  All of these were solid, though I would rank them Triton, Morph, Adams, Neptune.  And that’s nothing against Neptune, this was just a really solid flight.  A very well done group of beers.