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This time around we are drinking something of a hidden gem from Western Massachusetts.  I was exploring the beer aisle at a liquor store outside my usual stomping grounds when I came upon a fairly nondescript looking bottle.  The name Brewmaster Jack printed in all caps is what first caught my eye; I’ve had a few of their beers before at work during one of our Beer Fridays.  The name Hoppiness Is a Warm Pun I’ll admit got to me and convinced me to pick it up.

Beer Name: Hoppiness Is a Warm Pun

Brewer: Brewmaster Jack

Style: DIPA

ABV: 8.2%

Description: A Double IPA brewed with a Valley Malt grains and hopped with Motueka and Galaxy.  There is a sticker with a bottled on date of 03/25/2015 attached to the cap and this was consumed fresh on 04/24/2015.  The label boldly claims “This beer is sublime.”  Challenge accepted.

Pour Info: Poured from a refrigerated bottle into a snifter glass.

Price: $7.99 for a 22 oz. bomber.

Appearance: Light golden/orange body.  Slight foam lacing fades to sides but there is not much in the way of a head.

Smell: Big burst of fruit on the pour.  In the glass tropical fruits pared with bitterness.

Taste: Citrusy bitterness upfront that peaks somewhere mid sip.  Finish is tropical fruits and milder bitterness.  At times the beer has zesty lemon and perhaps a peppery taste, but for the most part fruits and fresh hoppy bitterness dominate.  As the beer warms the bitterness does mellow a bit and blends more into the fruits.

Mouth Feel: Medium body, right in line with the style.  Carbonation is also just right, nice bubbles on your tongue but not so much that they are a distraction.

Hype Factor: I had some good hopes for this beer based on previous experiences with the brewery but really didn’t know what to expect.

Overall: Definitely enjoyed this beer.  It was a very nice beer and I would recommend picking one up if you see it around.