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Shortly after enjoying one offering from BrewMaster Jack, I came across another opportunity to sample their wares.  This time around I happened across a four pack of Ambrewsia that I had the chance to enjoy across a few different sittings.

Beer Name: Ambrewsia

Brewer: Brewmaster Jack

Style: IPA

ABV: 7.0%

Description: The brewery’s year-round IPA.  Bottles were all dated 03/2015 by notches on the side of the bottle a la the classic Sam Adams method.  They were all consumed about a month later towards the end of April/beginning of May.

Pour Info: All bottles were refrigerated before being consumed.  The first one I (mistakenly) drank from the bottle, the rest were poured into a snifter glass.

Price: $10.50 for a 4 Pack of 12 oz. bottles in Downtown Boston.

Appearance: The beer has a copper body and generates a thin (maybe half a finger) foamy white head when poured into a glass.  Out of the bottle though, this beer  has some very aggressive foam going on.  After my first couple of sips I caught foam bubbling up to and almost over the top bottle; an occurrence that persisted until the beer was mostly finished.  There was also a significant amount of sediment leftover at the end that was not apparent in any of the bottles poured into a glass.

Smell: The beer has a nice fresh hoppy smell that is mostly fruits with a slight hint florals at the end.  The smell jumps out of the bottle when opened and is quite nice.

Taste: Out of the bottle, the beer started out strong with a big bitter and citrusy taste that faded a bit as it went  on.  More than likely, the foam was taking over at that point and I would rather do this beer the justice of reviewing off of the pours.  From the glass, the beer had a similar taste profile but kept a consistent level of flavor throughout.  It didn’t burst up front like it did out of the bottle but it didn’t fade away at the end either.  There was also more of a piney resinous taste from the glass that I didn’t get straight from the bottle.  True to the brewery’s description online, very well hopped without much malt directly influencing the taste.

Mouth Feel: Again, drinking from the bottle and drinking from the glass were very different experiences.  From the bottle this beer started out assertively foamy and bubbly, but had worn itself out the farther down the bottle I got.  By the end the beer was a little thin and undercarbed but still drinkable.  Out of the glass, things went much better.  The beer was medium bodied and felt a bit fluffy from the carbonation.  The carb was on the higher end of medium but not outside of expectations for the style.

Hype Factor: No hype, just cautious optimism following the success of the previous beer I had by this brewery.

Overall: Very good IPA but do yourself a favor and pour it into a glass!  I’d get this again for drinking at home or somewhere I knew I wouldn’t be drinking out of the bottle.