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Following a period of technical difficulties, I am back ready to make up for lost posting time.  And it only seems fitting to jump back into things by taking a trip over to Night Shift, where they are welcoming in the warmer weather by expanding their seating outdoors.  Let’s see what beers they have to welcome me back.

Barrel Society Tapline

20150625_175954Starting off with the Barrel Society offering (and proof that I really am still reading books), on tap for my visit was Hogarth.  This is the second of this year’s society beers and was released on May 28.  This beer is described as a Strong Ale that has been aged in apple brandy and bourbon barrels.  It pours a rich caramel colored body with thick, foamy off-white head.  The smell offered some hints of the beer’s origins; slightly sweet with some hints of oak and brandy.  The taste is also on the sweet side with a little bit of bourbon heat and a nice smooth maltiness.  The influence of the apple brandy barrels comes through more after the beer has sat for a few minutes.  There is a little bit of a funky bitter taste that lingers after beer finishes that, while not unwelcome, perhaps seems a bit out of place.  The mouthfeel is also a bit thinner than I might have expected though it is still medium-plus.  Overall, I think it was a pretty good beer but not one of my favorite Barrel Society offerings.  For what it’s worth, the releases last year really started coming on strong at the third beer, so I’m eagerly awaiting what comes next.  I’m also curious to see how this one ages, so I’m going to sit on a bottle for awhile and see how it goes.


20150625_173028My latest flight was a mix of styles.  This time out I had (listed in the order pictured) a Pale Ale, an IPA, a Porter, and a Pilsner.  The Pale Ale was the latest installment in the brewery’s new One Hop This Time series, this time featuring Galaxy Hops.  This was a very good beer, clean tasting with a very nice light juicy and citrusy bitterness.  Next up was Santilli, a beer that has recently become the brewery’s flagship IPA and one of the select few offerings to see distribution in bottles.  It is definitely a solid beer, slightly darker than the Pale Ale and noticeably hoppier. It is also maltier with a yeasty/bready backbone and a slightly sweet finish.  From here I went out of order and grabbed the Pilsner, named Pfaffenheck, next.  This beer was well executed but at the same time wasn’t quite my thing.  It certainly accomplished what they were looking to do; the beer was clean, crisp, and a little bit wheaty.  I think what did this in for me was a little bit of sweetness and what I picked up as a slightly peppery herbal finish.   Rounding out the flight was Stafford, the Porter.  This was another very nice beer continuing Night Shift’s run of solid Porters this year.  It offered some good roasted espresso notes on top of a smooth, thick, and creamy base.  Well done.

That’s it for this trip.