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I stopped by Trillium Brewing Company last week to pick up a few treats for my Halloween festivities and see what new brews they had available.  Although my original plan was to only get a growler filled, I ended up picking up a bottle as well since it sounded too good to pass on.  Turned out to be a good choice as both beers were excellent and earned themselves a write-up.

20151031_105325I started Halloween off right by cracking open a growler of Artaic shortly after breakfast.  Artaic  was an 8.5% Double IPA hopped (and then dry-hopped) with Mosaic and brewed with wildflower honey.  It poured a hazy golden-yellow body with foamy white lacing up top.  It smelled sweet with a dank bitterness and something else that was almost but not quite smokey mixed in.  That last part confused me a bit, but the taste put that thought aside in a hurry.  It started out with an aggressive resiny bitterness, then sweetened up with notes of citrus fruits and honey, and came to a piney sap-like finish.  Like a lot of great Trillium beers, the hops were out in force for this one.  Mouthfeel was pretty typical for the style, smooth medium body with carbonation perhaps just slightly on the higher end of moderate.  This was an excellent beer to start the day with, and at a roughly $12/32 oz. growler, something I would definitely look to pick up again.

20151103_190939The bottle I somehow didn’t get around to drinking until after the weekend had come and gone.  This one was Deciduous, a 8.0% Imperial Red Ale.  As I’ve mentioned before on here, this is perhaps my favorite style of beer and I was eager to see how this one turned out.  It poured an amber/brown body that was really similar in appearance to a dark apple cider when held to the light.  With only a little bit of coaxing it produced a one to two finger foamy off-white head.  The smell was an inviting mix of sweet malts and piney hops.  The taste offered more of the same, but with some complex additions.  It greeted me with a subtle-yet-noticeable blend of caramel and candy-like sweet malts, which were followed by a bit of citrus zest before the hops started to pick up and carry the beer to resinous, piney finish.  The mouthfeel was a touch thicker and creamier than your typical IPA with moderate carbonation.  All in all this was another excellent beer and a great example of the style, ranking among my favorites.  If the malt presence was dialed up just a little bit more this would have been my vision of a perfect beer, but I would certainly not let that stop me from getting as much as I could of this at my next opportunity, especially at $10/bomber.

Well, that wraps things up for this entry.  Two more excellent beers from Trillium.  Until next time, cheers!