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This next stout was a gift beer that had been sitting in my refrigerator for a month or two before I got around to it.  Good things come to those who wait, right?

Beer Name: Double Negative

Brewer: Grimm Artisanal Ales

Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 10.0%

Description: Bottle date was dated November 2015 (though I acquired at the end of October).  The label also made note of the roasty chocolate goodness to come.

Pour Info: Refrigerated bomber into my usual glass.

Appearance: Dark black body.  A thin tan head formed on the pour, but disappeared fairly quickly.  Left behind some nice lacing on the glass though.

Smell: An inviting blend of dark malts, chocolate, and a light roastiness.

Taste: Picked up where the smell left off.  The beer had just the right amount of moderate roastiness.  Enough to make its presence known, but not so strong that it dominates over everything else.  Dark chocolate and sweet malts also came out to varying degrees in the middle before just the tiniest bit of heat on the finish.  As the beer sat in the glass and warmed up, it took on more of a hazelnut roast coffee-list like flavor with a roasty, bitter dark chocolate finish.

Mouthfeel: On the thicker side and almost, but not quite, creamy.  Low carbonation levels kept this drinking smoothly.

Hype Factor: None in particular.  I’ve had good experiences with this brewery but didn’t know much of anything about this particular offering.

Overall: A good stout.  Well made and satisfying to drink, it has some really big tastes going on.  Worth picking up.