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While visiting Night Shift the other day, I noticed Idle Hands wasn’t the only brewery with a guest tap.  Joining the party was an offering from newcomers Spanglish Ales.  My curiosity was piqued and I had to investigate further.

Beer Name: La Facil Grand Cru

Brewer: Spanglish Ales from Miami, FL.  There does not seem to be a lot of information out there about them yet other than this tweet, but one of the bartenders mentioned that Spanglish Ales needed help getting a beer released to keep their name.  Night Shift gave them a place to make that happen, which I thought was pretty awesome of them.

Style: Belgian Ale

ABV: 6.9%

Description: Described on the draft list as a Belgian styled ale featuring camomile, coriander, and citrus.

Pour Info: Something told me to go for a full pour of this, which turned out to be 16 oz. in a very nice pint glass.

Appearance: It came out with a foamy, two finger, slightly off-white head atop a brownish/tan body.

Smell: Not much to say here.  Very subtle tea and bubblegum.

Taste: Hints of Belgian yeast quickly got covered by a strong chamomile tea presence mid sip.  Mixed in towards the finish was a touch of citrus zest and bubblegum.  The best description I can give is that this tasted like an unsweetened iced-tea-Belgian-ale.  Very refreshing.

Mouthfeel: In keeping with the iced tea theme, this beer was served cold and seemed intent to remain that way to the very end, despite my warming efforts.  It had a medium body with a low to moderate level of carbonation that made it incredibly easy to drink.

Hype Factor: Definitely a curiosity, but I can’t say there was any hype attached to this.

Overall: This was a pretty good beer.  As I was drinking it, I recall wishing that I was having it outdoors on a warm summer day.  When I found out the brewery was from Florida, I figured that they probably got exactly what they wanted with this one.  At 6.9%, it might be a bit big for day drinking in the warm sun, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be enjoyable either.  Nicely done.  I don’t know if I’ll ever come across this brewery again, but I would certainly try more of their beers if given the opportunity.