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This time we’re looking at a couple of beers from Burlington Beer Company.  These came to me two weekends ago from friends we had in town, so to start things off many thanks to them!  I didn’t know much about this brewery going in other than that they are fairly new (opened in 2014) and have some pretty cool can designs.  Let’s start exploring!


First up was Barista, a 7.3% coffee porter.  Appropriately enough, I took out some different glassware for a change and poured this one into my Bean Porter mug.  The can was dated 12/2/2015 and had a FRESH POTS message stamped on the bottom.  Right off the bat this beer reminded me of my morning coffee.  It poured a deep brown body topped off by a quick to dissipate tannish head.  Smell was light roasted coffee all the way.  As you probably expect, the taste kept this trend going, blending a  creamy light roast coffee flavor with a little bit of cocoa.  The finish is roasty and bitter with occasional hints of booziness.  The mouthfeel was pleasantly smooth and on the thicker side, though there was a bit more carbonation than I might have expected.  Not a large amount mind you, but more than I would have thought. While this wasn’t the biggest or the boldest coffee porter I have ever tried, it certainly was enjoyable.  Great representation of the style and well done.  I’d seek this out again if given an opportunity to do so.


Up next was Strawberry Whale Cake, a 5.5% cream ale brewed with strawberries (at rate of one pound of fruit per gallon of beer).  Date on the bottom of the can was 07/08/2015 and a (presumably) tongue-in-cheek WHALEZ BRUH message printed below it.  Call me easily entertained, but I liked the messages.  Pour on this one was a deep, golden-yellow body with a fizzy white head that lingers for a little bit before bubbling away.  Smell was slightly yeasty with light malts and a hint of fruit.  The taste picked up right where the smell left off.  The beer had a crisp, almost pilsner-like backbone paired with doughy, light malts.  Topping this off were sweet and slightly tart strawberries that take over through the finish.  Medium bodied and fairly bubbly, I wouldn’t quite call this dessert in a glass but it did come pretty darn close.  The difference in my mind was that the beer was ultimately more light and refreshing than rich and decadent, but your gauge of things like this may differ.  Overall I found this beer really interesting, but think of it more as a novelty than something I would want to regularly drink.  Still pretty good though and worth a try.

So there we have it.  Two solid brews from another up and coming Vermont brewery.  Cheers!