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A cold winter day calls for breaking out a nice big stout to keep you warm.  This was yet another one of my Christmas beers, so cheers to my wife for keeping me properly hydrated this season!


Beer Name: Spectral Evidence

Brewer: Mystic Brewery

Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 12.0%

Description: I don’t have much info to share other than I had the 2015 vintage of this bottle fermented Imperial Stout.

Pour Info: Poured from a refrigerated 750 ml. corked and caged bottle into my drinking vessel of choice.

Appearance: Solid black body with a two finger foamy tan head.

Smell: Mild hints of sweetness and alcohol.

Taste: There were a lot of diverse and very intense tastes going on with this one.  Dark malts and bittersweet chocolate were present throughout, occasionally imparting slightly earthy notes.  These combined with a sweet alcohol heat and finished with roasted hazelnut coffee and mild to moderate bitterness.  I found that the beer was it was at its best when left to sit out for a few minutes.  When drinking the beer cold the tastes didn’t really come together nearly as well as they did as the it approached room temperature.

Mouthfeel: Thick and fluffy with minimal carbonation.  Super smooth and really pleasing.

Hype Factor: I always feel like I don’t drink enough of this brewery’s beers, so I went in excited.

Overall:  Well done and flavorful beer.  It can be a bit much to drink solo, but don’t let that scare you off.  It’s a sipper and a sharer.