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Stone was one of my favorite breweries when I first started getting into beer, but for some reason or another I haven’t had a chance to properly sit down and enjoy one of their beers in quite a while.  Of course seeing them put out a Red IPA got my attention in a hurry.  Imperial Royal Guard not included.

Beer Name: Pataskala Red X IPA

Brewer: Stone Brewing Company

Style: Red IPA

ABV: 7.3%

Description: Stone provided one of their usual verbose back stories to the beer on their bottles and website, but for the condensed version they created this brew using German Red X malt and Amarillo, Cascade, and Mosaic as dry hops.  Bottled on 01/21/2016, the beers for this review were consumed during the second week in February.

Pour Info: One refrigerated 12 oz. bottle at a time.

Appearance: It had a dark amber body, with a cranberry juice-like glimmer when the light hit it just right.  An off-white bubbly head formed on the initial pour and rapidly fizzed away.

Smell: Slightly sweet with dank hops lurking in the background.

Taste: Citrus and sweet malt upfront.  Dank resinous hops come on quickly and dominate through the finish.  Assertive bitterness and grapefruit hops abound, with the malt largely taking a backseat after the initial taste.

Mouth feel: Smooth and medium bodied with a moderate amount of carbonation.  It also had a sticky feeling, especially when cold.

Hype Factor: The beer was well advertised and not exactly difficult to come by.  Doesn’t mean I wasn’t excited though.  I’m always eager to try out a Red IPA and was very curious to see how Stone would handle the style.

Overall: I thought this was a very good beer and liked the hop profile a lot.  Keeping true to my well documented Red IPA preferences, I wish the malt stood out just a little bit more to prevent the hops from taking over entirely.  At $13 for the six-pack, this was slightly more expensive than the Ipswich Ruby Red IPA I had last week, but still at a decent price for my market.  Worth checking out.