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After an eventful week off, I am getting back into action with a beer that came to me as a gift from a friend in Northern Jersey.  Right off the bat, I loved the can art and wished I had this one around last month while I was reading Pride of Carthage.  Since you can’t judge a book or a beer by its cover, I opened it up at the end of a particularly long day hoping for a nice treat.  Let’s see what it had to offer.

Beer Name: War Elephant

Brewer: Rushing Duck Brewing Company

Style: DIPA

ABV: 8.6%

Description: Described on the can as an “aggressive Double India Pale Ale loaded with juicy hops” that will assault you with the intensity of, well, a war elephant.  Canned on 03/09/2016.  

Pour Info: Poured from a well-traveled 16 oz. tall boy can into my official glass of 2016.

Appearance: It had a hazy, golden-orange juice-like body.  Topping it off was a healthy white head that left nice lacing across the top.

Smell: Citrus juice with piney hops lurking in the background.

Taste: Lots of juice here as well.  Started out citrusy upfront, then turned more tropical as the beer progressed.  The finish was citrus zest and a mixture of fruity and piney bitterness from the hops.  I found this beer a touch more juicy than hoppy, but these two aspects were in good proportion to one another and balanced each other quite well. There was a hint of the alcohol at warmer temperatures, but overall it was concealed by the juiciness.

Mouthfeel: The feel was on the thicker side of what I was expecting and the carbonation was just a bit short of moderate.  A rather smooth drinking experience where once again, the juice comparison seemed appropriate.  

Hype Factor: I had elevated expectations going into this one.  Not only was I excited to get my hands on another Rushing Duck brew, but I was also really digging the art and wanting for a solid beer when I opened it up.

Overall:  This beer certainly did not disappoint.  Although not as aggressively hoppy as the label might suggest, this was still an excellent DIPA and one that I really enjoyed.  I particularly liked the juicy and hoppy flavor profiles and would no doubt drink more if the opportunity came up.  Cheers!