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Last Friday I was once again lucky enough to end my work week with a couple of beers from Trillium Brewing Company.  Nothing like having your boss show up with a pair of growlers at the end of the day to help relieve the stress of a rough week and offer up some encouragement for the one to come.


The first growler we opened was Pot & Kettle, a 7.5% oatmeal porter with cold brewed coffee.  It poured a dark brown body topped off with a light tan head.  Its sweet and creamy aroma served as an excellent introduction to the beer before taking the first sip.  Taste-wise, it blended notes of light roast coffee, cacao, rich dark malts, and sweet cream into a wonderfully balanced brew.  No hint of alcohol at all, it drank like a much smaller beer and was quite easy to finish off.  The mouthfeel had a nice thickness to it and there was a very low amount of carbonation.  All this made for an awesome brew, combining great flavor and excellent smoothness.  Make sure you don’t overlook this one while checking out Trillium’s more hop-forward offerings, it is a very nice beer in its own right.


Growler number two was the Double Dry-Hopped version of their 7.2% Summer Street IPA.  It poured a hazy, light straw-colored body with a foamy white head.  The smell was bursting with citrus juice on top of moderate hoppy undertones.  The taste offered another blast of citrus; sweet upfront before transitioning to a bitter grapefruit and piney hop finish with a slight wheaty aftertaste.  The mouthfeel was a bit thicker than your typical IPA and had a slightly less than moderate level of carbonation.  Definitely a well made beer, but overall I liked rather than loved it.  I think my hop cravings are focused in other areas right now and the grapefruit/wheaty finish wasn’t my ideal combination.  Still, as with most of Trillium’s offerings, you wouldn’t be wrong in picking this up.