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The warmer weather has returned and I am jumping back into session beers, this time with an offering from local favorite Jack’s Abby.  I actually have a couple of their beers sitting in my fridge awaiting review, but this time around we’re looking at Calyptra, a session IPL.


Beer Name: Calyptra

Brewer: Jack’s Abby Brewing

Style: Session IPL

ABV: 4.9%

Description: The brewery’s year-round India Pale Lager, it’s brewed with Citra and Calypso hops and gets described on the company website as “an easy drinking brew that balances dominating fruity, citrusy, and tropical aromas with a sessionable malt body.”  For this tasting, I poured a refrigerated 12 oz. can into my snifter glass.

Appearance: The beer had a light golden, straw yellow body atop which sat a foamy white head.

Smell: Sweet tropical fruits with resinous hops lingering in the background.

Taste:  It started out with light bready malt upfront, followed closely by a mellow blend of the aforementioned tropical and citrus juices.  Taking it to the finish were lemon zest and a light yeasty, malt taste.  Overall very mild in taste with the zest probably being the most prominent of the flavors.  I was a little bit surprised by this one as the juice and hop profiles ended up being much more subdued than smell had indicated.

Mouthfeel: Smooth and medium bodied with a slightly less than moderate level of carbonation.  Incredibly drinkable, I could have easily gone through this pour very quickly in different circumstances.

Hype Factor: Not exactly a hyped release, but it is always a pleasure to try a new beer from a brewery you really like.

Overall: This one didn’t really stand out for me and I definitely preferred the two previous session beers I’ve reviewed so far over it.  I was expecting something a little bit hoppier based on the style and I wasn’t fully sold on the zest/malt combination it finished with.