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I’ll admit that this beer was a complete impulse buy.  I did not know about this release until the morning it went up for sale and made a last-minute decision to see if I could pick up some cans during my lunchtime walk.  Luckily for me, at the time I stopped by the brewery there was no line to speak of and I got in and out in the time it took to process my payment.  Since session beers are going to be my running theme for the near future (hopefully more on that soon) I couldn’t have asked for a luckier trip.


Beer Name: Stray Dog Lager

Brewer: Trillium Brewing Company/Evil Twin Brewing

Style: Session IPA

ABV: 3.3%

Description: For their first canned beer release, Trillium teamed up with Brooklyn, NY brewers Evil Twin to create what sounds like the ultimate session IPA in celebration of the first day of summer.  As usual, the full details are available on Trillium’s website.  The can I drank for this review was poured into one of my trusty snifter glasses and came in a four pack at a cost of $13.

Appearance: It had a hazy golden/straw yellow body topped off by a fluffy white head.

Smell: A juicy mix of citrus fruits and sweet-scented hops.

Taste: Similar to the smell, the front end of the beer was packed full of sweet fruits; I got a mix of peaches, grapefruit, and perhaps a bit orange zest.  The finish brought forth a dank, resinous, yet also slightly sweet hoppy bitterness atop a crisp grainy and biscuity malt presence.  Bold and assertive throughout, this beer packed all the punch flavor-wise of a much larger brew.

Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with a nice fluffy character to start, it took on a juice-like thickness towards the finish with some tingly bubbles from the moderate carbonation.

Hype Factor: New Trillium releases always seem to come with a certain amount of hype and excitement attached.  Not sure a session IPA commands quite the same levels as a DIPA three times its ABV, but this is beer appeared to be exactly what I have been looking for these days.  It also seems like Eccentrica Gallumbits herself may have endorsed this brew judging by the label.

Overall: An exceptional beer in any category, this is now my new favorite session IPA.  I can’t believe they packed all that flavor into a beer that is a super mellow 3.3%.  Once again, Trillium delivered an outstanding hop-forward beer that I am really glad I got a chance to try.