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This time I am checking in with a session beer from yet another new brewery in my area, Bone Up Brewing Company.  They’re not quite ready to open their taproom to the public yet (it is located just down the street from Night Shift), but they recently started a limited distribution of their beer to various bars and stores in the area.  I had time to get over to the Medford Kappy’s the day after they got there most recent delivery, and I picked up two sealed growlers; one for now and one to check out in a few days.


Beer Name: Key Lime White

Brewer: Bone Up Brewing Company

Style: White Ale with Fruit

ABV: 4.1%

Description: Described by the brewers in some detail here through a quirky anecdote, essentially this beer was inspired by key lime pie.  I kind of like the off-key descriptions the brewers give their beers (similar to Stone Brewing but without the direct aggression), though that sort of sassiness will only work in the long run if the beers back it up.  Speaking of, I poured this sample from a sealed 32 oz. growler into a snifter glass.  The growler was filled on 7/22 and I had my first taste on 7/24, so I definitely got to this while it was fresh.  Cost-wise the growler was a pretty reasonable $8.49 with $2.50 deposit on the glass I imagine I can recoup eventually when the taproom opens.

Appearance: The beer had a dark straw/light orangish body topped off with a fizzy white head that dissipated rather quickly down to nothing.

Smell: Citrusy sweetness backed up by a yeasty and bready aroma.

Taste: The beer started out dominated by tart citrus flavors and an aggressive lime zest.  The lime mellowed out a bit as the beer sat for a few minutes, which allowed a subtle bready malt and ever so slightly peppery yeast presence to emerge.

Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with a lot of lively carbonation at the start which served to accentuate the tartness of the lime.  After sitting for a little bit, the carbonation simmered down giving the beer a slightly heavier creamy feeling.

Hype Factor: Curiosity is probably the better word here.  I was pretty excited to sample the wares of a new brewery that is setting up shop in my area.  Even more excited considering the offerings available fit into my session beer theme.

Overall: This was an interesting beer from which to get a first impression of a brewery, but it seems like this might be fairly representative of the brewer’s style.  I think they did a good job with this one and came pretty darn close to their target here.  The beer was very refreshing and definitely well-suited to drink in the hot summer weather.