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I finally found a good time to open up that second growler from Bone Up Brewing Company I picked up the other day.  After really enjoying the first one last week, I was eager to taste what this one had to offer.


Beer Name: Black Witow

Brewer: Bone Up Brewing Company

Style: Dark Wheat Ale

ABV: 4.7%

Description: The brewery’s take on a Belgian Wit, only made dark for, well, reasons.  You can read up on the brewer’s notes and thought process here.  For my side of this exchange, I opened up the sealed growler and poured myself a drink into a snifter glass.  As with the previous beer, the growler cost $8.49 (plus a $2.50 deposit) and was filled on 7/22.  I had my first taste of this beer a week later on 7/29.

Appearance: Poured a dark black body with just about a finger of tan, foamy head.  At a glance it was deceptively similar to many imperial stouts.

Smell: Smelled a touch wheaty with a hint of zesty citrus fruit.

Taste: Light and crisp, the beer featured toasted malts upfront before picking up some of the more expected characteristics of the style.  Following the initial taste came a blend of orange zest, mild herbs/spices, and a wheaty/yeasty presence that picked up some banana esters on the finish.  An intriguing and well-balanced blend of roasted malt and traditional wheat ale fixings.

Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with a slightly more than moderate amount of bubbly carbonation.  Feels nothing like one might have expected based on appearances alone.

Hype Factor: No hype, just more curiosity.

Overall: I liked this beer, but wasn’t really blown away.  Perhaps I just don’t get overly excited by wheat ales.  It was definitely intriguing and different, but I can’t quite put my finger on whether or not they did that for some higher purpose or the sake of being gimmicky (see again their quirky descriptions).  Either way, based on my experiences with Black Witow and Key Lime White I would definitely try out more this brewery’s offerings, though preferably without having to acquire any additional growlers (I’ll have to look into that).  I’ll also keep an eye out for when their taproom opens so I can experience what they’re about firsthand.  So far, they definitely seem like another solid addition the local brewing scene on the north end of the Orange Line.