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October is here!  Fall is in the air, the MLB playoff are upon us, and Halloween is right around the corner.  October also signifies the one month out of the year in which I’ll drink pumpkin beer.  Although I am not going to repeat last year’s blind pumpkin tasting, which turned into something of a chore towards the end, I will pick up a few here and there that seem worth trying out.


Beer Name: Funkier Pumpkin

Brewer: Boulevard Brewing Company

Style: Pumpkin Spiced Sour Ale

ABV: 8.5%

Description: The brewery’s website offers a variety of notes about the beer here, but to sum it all up what we have here is a subtle pumpkin/spice ale designed to feature Boulevard’s house brettanomyces strain.  The beer came in a corked and caged 750 ml bottle that I believe cost around $13.  I poured this offering into a teku glass, just to mix things up a bit.

Appearance: A thick, foamy off-white head sat atop a golden orange/amber body.  After wiping away condensation, I could just barely see through to the other side of the glass.

Smell: Light bretty smell with a hint pumpkin in the background.

Taste: This broke down into a beer of three distinct tastes.  I started out with subtly sweet vegetal pumpkin that quickly gave way to the common fall spice blend found in many pumpkin beers.  As the spices started peaking somewhere just short of my (admittedly low) maximum tolerance for them, a moderate yeasty brett presence took over the beer and smothered the spices in a funky, earthy blanket.  There was a huge flavor spike at the point where the spices gave way to the brett, making a combination of the two the primary flavor of this beer

Mouthfeel: Light bodied and bubbly on both my tongue and back of my mouth.  I found the little bubbles really intensified the funky flavors of the finish.

Hype Factor: I remember really liking Boulevard’s Tank 7 Saison, but otherwise I had no preconceived ideas or expectations going into this.  Picked it up because it caught my eye.

Overall: This was a pretty good beer.  It was a bit intense drinking a whole bomber of it by myself, but overall I enjoyed the experience.  Definitely in a different league than most of the generic, mediocre pumpkin ales I sampled last year, I liked that it had something different to offer.