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Time once again to get caught up on this year’s Barrel Society lineup.  I actually made it into the brewery to have this on draft, my first time being able to sit down and grab a drink there in a few months.


Beer Name: Sheridan

Brewer: Night Shift Brewing Company

Style: Flanders-style Sour Ale

ABV: 9.2%

Description: The fifth entry in this year’s Barrel Society lineup came with the following brewer’s notes: “Pours red orange with a tan head; aromas of strawberry, lemon pith, and cranberry; sips with tannic notes of peach marmalade, tart cherry, and vanilla. Smooth, soft body mellows the ABV warmth.”  It was tapped on 10/24, just about a month before I got a chance to try it out the other day.

Appearance: It poured a deep reddish amber body with a healthy off-white foam head.

Smell: Hints of subtle fruits with a slightly boozy aroma that lingering in the background.

Taste: Tart fruit upfront, primarily strawberry, cherry, and just a bit of lemon.  These were followed by a sweet, warming alcohol presence accompanied by more cherry and notes of vanilla atop a notable barrel influence.  The flavors flowed into each quite well, with a tart sweetness carrying the beer throughout.

Mouthfeel: Thick and a touch syrupy to start, the beer turned more full-bodied and creamy by the end.  Very low carbonation.  Excellent compliment to the flavor profile.

Hype: Elevated.  I was not only excited to try this release, but it was nice to have it on tap as well.  There was also a sense of mystery here for me, as I haven’t tried many beers in this style before.

Overall: I really liked this.  The flavors played off each other well, putting this release in serious contention for my favorite of this year’s batch.  Can’t wait to see how this develops in the bottle at sometime in the future.