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While picking up my Barrel Society bottles the other day, I couldn’t resist coming home with a couple of other goodies as well – new installments in Night Shift’s Weisse line.  They seem to branching out from their four traditional entries and I was eager to give those efforts a taste.   First up is the brew they didn’t have available on draft the day of my visit.


Beer Name: Bramble Weisse

Brewer: Night Shift Brewing Company

Style: Sour Ale

ABV: 5.0%

Description: Labeled as a “mixed fermentation sour ale with raspberries,” the 750 ml bottle cost $12 at the brewery.  The bottle for this review was from the October 2016 batch.  Since drinking this somehow felt like it would be a return felt to the Night Shift of old for me, I drank it out my 2014 Barrel Society teku glass.

Appearance: The body had a very nice looking pinkish/purple color with some bubbles running up from the bottom of the glass.  A slightly pink fizzy head formed on the pour and quickly bubbled away to leave some lacing across the top.

Smell: Tart and fruity berries, with a moderate funky/sour aroma towards the end.

Taste: This beer was all about tart and sweet raspberries.  Mostly sweet and fruity upfront, it gradually took on a more tangy and tart character as it went on.  The finish went back to a sugary, fruity sweetness mixed with slightly sour, funky flavor.  I found it a bit acidic towards the end as well, especially as I made my way through the bottle, but overall it was pretty refreshing and mellow throughout.

Mouthfeel: I found it tough to get a good handle on this aspect, but I would say the beer was on the thinner side with the thicker, syrupy finish I usually get from this style.  The carbonation level was pretty robust, with plenty of little bubbles in every sip.

Hype: There was some excitement around this beer, especially since the brewery in part built their early reputation on their Berliner Weisse series.  It was actually those earlier brews that introduced me to this style, so I was very curious to try out one of their newer creations.

Overall: I enjoyed this a lot and thought the beer was quite refreshing.  The taste and feel made it seem not entirely unlike a raspberry rickey, albeit a really damn good one that just happened to be a little bit funky as well.  A worthy addition to the Weisse lineup.