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When I saw images of this pop up on social media around the holidays I made a mental note to pick some up.  It had been awhile since my last Slumbrew beer and this seasonally appropriate option looked like a good way to change that.  When I happened upon a four-pack while doing some other shopping it seemed like this was meant to be.


Beer Name: Snow Angel

Brewer: Somerville Brewing Company (Slumbrew)

Style: DIPA

ABV: 9.2%

Description: A limited seasonal release, this unfiltered DIPA makes use of both pilsner and caramel malts in combination with a healthy dose of Nugget, Columbus, Zythos, Simcoe, and experimental hops.  You can learn a bit more about the details at the bottom of this page.  If memory serves me correctly I picked up a four-pack of tallboys for roughly $13 downtown.

Appearance: Dark copper and amber body topped off by a thin layer of just slightly off-white foam.

Smell: Huge burst of tropical fruit sweetness when I initially opened the can.  After this passed, the beer took on more of a malty sweetness backed by a muted bitterness.

Taste: A lot of tropical and caramel sweetness upfront, but that abruptly fell off into a finish dominated by notes of herbal spices, toasted malt, and some resinous hops.  As the beer sat for a few minutes, the sweet malts began to stand out a bit more which I found preferable to the spices.  Considering all the hops that went into this I was a bit surprised they didn’t have more of a presences in this beer, either in flavor or bitterness.

Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with a somewhat slick feeling underneath a moderate amount of carbonation.

Hype: No hype, I was just looking forward to getting re-acquainted with this brewery’s wares.  I am always tempted to more regularly try out more from them and used this release as an opportunity to do so.

Overall: I was a bit disappointed by this one.  It had a lot of promise coming out the gate, not to mention my beloved caramel malts, but ultimately it unraveled and ended up tasting a bit messy.  I feel like this would have been better labeled as a spiced strong ale as opposed to a DIPA (assuming the spice was intentional).  Considering all the great hop-forward options in my area, this was definitely a bit behind the pack.