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A gift from a friend in New Jersey that also served as my introduction to this brewery.


Beer Name: Mosaic Nerd

Brewer: SØLE Artisan Ales (Old Forge, PA)

Style: DIPA

ABV: 7.5%

Description: I had a tough time tracking down more official information on this, so here’s a nice pic of some cans from the brewery’s Instagram feed with a few details.  As you might suspect by the name, this single-hopped Double (or “Extra” as they call it) IPA was brewed to feature the wonders of the Mosaic hop.

Appearance: Cloudy dark yellow and amber body with a slight covering of white foam.

Smell: Huge burst of tropical fruits on the pour that remained pretty consistent throughout.

Taste: Tons more fruit upfront, primarily tangerine and grapefruit in that order of potency.  Light, grassy hops on the finish gave this a smooth closing bitterness.  Very clean and fresh, the alcohol content surprisingly well hidden.

Mouthfeel: Fluffy body with just a little bit more than moderate carbonation.

Hype: Of the beers I came home with, I was perhaps the most curious about this one as I hadn’t really heard much about this brewery.

Overall: This felt like the kind of beer I could drink all day.  It tasted fantastic and drank more like a really good session IPA than something pushing 8%.  Delicious and refreshing, check this out if you can.  Definitely open to trying out more from SØLE.