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I stopped by the Idle Hands taproom this past weekend to get out for a bit and to try a few things from their increasingly intriguing tap list.  I had a few post worthy beers in my time there and wanted to start the week off with favorite of the day.


Beer Name: Kill Your Idles: Red Berry

Brewer: Idle Hands Craft Ales (Malden, MA)

Style: Fruited Sour

ABV: 5.6%

Description: The next installment in the Kill Your Idles fruited sour series.  This one was a sour ale brewed with strawberries, raspberries, and added lactose that the brewers describe as slightly tart and super jammy!  It was tapped only a few days before my visit so I got this one while it was nice and fresh.  Cost was $6.50 for a 13 oz. pour.

Appearance: Light red body with a thin lacing of white foam.

Smell: Huge burst of tart berries.

Taste: Even split between strawberries and raspberries upfront with a pleasant tart sweetness.  The finish became slightly more tart and offered up subtle hints of lactose and acidity.  Ultimately, I want to say the strawberries won out over the raspberries as the beer went on, but the influence of each was very clear throughout and made for an excellent combination.  Very fruity  and refreshing.

Mouthfeel: The body was light for the most part, though it did take on a syrupy feeling mid-sip.  The carbonation was mostly evident on the finish as little bubbles gave each sip a tingly send-off.

Hype: I could tell the brewery was pretty proud of this one by the way they advertised it on social media and how the bartenders discussed it.  Tapping it this weekend was also meant to showcase the brew in advance of a bottling run.

Overall: I really enjoyed this.  Loved the light, refreshing berry flavors and it had just the right amount of complimentary tartness.  Made me sad that I missed out on the Blood Orange version a few weeks ago, though I certainly will keep an eye out for the next release.  Highly recommend giving this a try.