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As soon as I saw this sitting on the shelf at my local Kappy’s I picked one up without any second thoughts.  I’ve had some good experiences with this brewery and the price was certainly convincing.


Beer Name: The Russian Imperial Stout

Brewer: Berkshire Brewing Company (South Deerfield, MA)

Style: Russian Imperial Stout

ABV: 8.7%

Description: The beer has its own page on the brewery website here, but to sum it all up we have here big, dark, richly flavored stout.  The bomber cost a nice $6.99.

Appearance: Poured a thick black body topped by an equally impressive off-white/light tan head.

Smell: Dark fruits mixed with a blend of sweet and roasted malts.

Taste: Started out sweet, initially in the form of dark fruits, before turning a touch more towards sweet malt.  The finish brought on more on some light roasty notes, though overall this was on the sweeter side throughout.  At warmer temperatures it picked up a slight bit of heat as well, though it did so without getting boozy.

Mouthfeel: It had a thick, slick body with a very low amount of carbonation.

Hype: The brewery certainly has a dedicated local following (they’ve been around 20 years now), but they don’t get much hype from the beer enthusiast crowd.

Overall: Very solid imperial stout at a hard to beat price for the style.  While it didn’t shine quite as brightly as some of the more expensive stouts I have lined up, it was still a very tasty option and I particularly enjoyed the dark fruit influences.  Definitely check it out.  It may not be the biggest and baddest stout you try, but both your taste buds and your wallet will thank you for the experience.