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My wife is pretty awesome.  While running errands the other day she just so happened to pick me up some beer as well.  Here we are with another seasonally appropriate release from Stone Brewing Company.


Beer Name: Mint Coffee Milk Stout

Brewer: Stone Brewing Company (Richmond, VA / Escondido, CA)

Style: Milk Stout

ABV: 5.0%

Description: A limited release variant of the brewery’s seasonal milk stout, this brew was “laced with fresh peppermint and chocolate mint.”  For the full story, check out this link.  My bottle was born at the new Richmond, VA facility and dated 12/16/2016.  Cost was $6.99 for a bomber.

Appearance: Black/deep brown body with a thin tan head.

Smell: Lightly roasted coffee with a touch of cool mint.

Taste: Started out with creamy, moderately roasted coffee before picking up a hint of bitter chocolate.  There was  a moment in the middle where the beer tasted almost like a thin mint right before coming to a roasty, semi-sweet, and oh-so subtle minty close.

Mouthfeel: Fell just short of medium-bodied, though the low carbonation level allowed it to maintain a somewhat smooth, creamy feeling.

Hype: Another Stone offering with a bit of nostalgia for me (they were probably my first favorite brewery so this happens to me a lot with them).  I have found memories of a mint chocolate stout they released in collaboration with Iron First and Aloha Plenty Brewing Companies a few years ago and was curious to see how this recent offering compared.

Overall: A good beer for novelty value, but probably not one I would regularly seek out regularly.  In a perfect world I personally would have liked this to have been a bit thicker with less emphasis on the roast, but I really appreciated how they handled the mint flavor.  Subtle was the way to go and they accomplished that quite nicely.  A daring concept that was well executed.