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When I think of Left Hand Brewing Company, the thing that immediately comes to mind is their Milk Stout, perhaps one of the best examples of the style out there.  I am much less familiar, however, with their other offerings so last week’s work beer was a welcomed opportunity to try out something else from their portfolio.


Beer Name: Extrovert IPA (Longmont, CO)

Brewer: Left Hand Brewing Company

Style: IPA

ABV: 7.1%

Description: The word on can was that the beer offers assertive tropical hops balanced by complex malts [to] give this IPA a big personality with a dry finish.  There was a best by date was 3/18, giving this one life through St. Patrick’s Day.  You can find the brewing specs here.

Appearance: Clean glasses were apparently not an option the day we had this, so I for the most part drank this right out of the can.  I did pour a bit into my water cup to at least get a glimpse (for science, of course) and it had a just barely see-through amber body with a beige head.

Smell: Started out sweet before ending with a nose full of sappy hops.

Taste: Similar to the smell, the beer started out sweet mixing tropical fruits and caramel malt.  The caramel malts lingered on towards the finish where they were joined by piney hops coupled with bitter grapefruit.

Mouthfeel: Medium in a body and moderately carbonated, this had a dry, sticky finish that nicely accentuated the bitterness.

Hype: None that I was aware of.  Like I said in the introduction, I know this brewery more for a stout than anything else.

Overall: Veteran followers should know by now that I love me some IPAs that feature caramel malts, so I say with some authority that this was a very good beer.  There was a bit more grapefruit on the finish than I would usually go for with this profile, but that’s more a nitpick than a criticism.  I’m thinking of picking up a six-pack of these for the house.