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Checking in with my next beer from the Mid-Atlantic stash I was given last week.  I believe I had this one put aside for me after loving the last beer I got a chance to try out from this brewery.

Beer Name: BuiceJox 2.0

Brewer: SØLE Artisan Ales (Old Forge, PA)

Style: DIPA

ABV: 8.2%

Description: Again, not a lot of official information to go on here, so I’ll let the info on the can label guide me.  This juicy DIPA was dry-hopped and brewed with mandarin oranges.  Couldn’t read the date on the can, but my guess is this came out late January/early February.

Appearance: Body was an opaque, cloudy light orange color.  A thin yet lively white head formed with the pour but very quickly fizzled away.

Smell: Huge burst of tangerine and orange.

Taste: Picks up right where the smell left off.  Lots of citrusy, pulpy tangerine and orange juice with maybe just a little bit of grapefruit on the end.  A mellow grassy/earthy/pith bitterness lingers on the finish.  Calling this lightly hopped juice box wouldn’t be too far off.

Mouthfeel: Light little bubbles open and close each sip, with a medium-thin juicy body standing out in between.

Hype:I think the general excitement around this beer may have passed, but it does look like these cans moved quickly.  Personally I had high hopes based on a past experience with this brewery.

Overall: Definitely tasty, but upon hearing it described as Tang before opening this up I really couldn’t get past the sweetness reminding me of a boxed “juice drink” even though this was made with much more wholesome ingredients.  Although I did not like this quite as much as I did their Mosaic Nerd a few weeks back, I am still pretty impressed with this brewery.  They seem to have really done a good job putting their own spin on the juicy IPA style to differentiate themselves.