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For my next beer, I decided it was time to share the love and brought in a four-pack to drink with the beer crew at work.  Not only was it a great way to build karma, but I got to show off some of my friend’s recent efforts as well.

Beer Name: ‘68 Ryot

Brewer: Brix City Brewing (Little Ferry, NJ)

Style: Rye IPA

ABV: 7.0%

Description: Per the brewery website, this rye IPA was brewed with Citra and Simcoe hops.  Canned on 03/03/2017.

Appearance: Hazy dark straw yellow body topped off by a thin yet persistent slightly off-white foam.

Smell: A little bit sweet upfront, followed by a bit of rye and bitterness on the end.

Taste: Started out sweet and tropical.  From there it took on an earthy, piney bitterness and culminated with light grains and a small hit of rye.  Flavors were all very complimentary to each other and well balanced.

Mouthfeel: Creamy, medium body with a low to moderate level of carbonation.

Hype: I was excited.  I really enjoyed this beer the first time I tried it and had it on good authority this was a particularly tasty batch.

Overall: I really liked this.  Great, balanced flavor profile from start to finish perfectly backed up by the mouthfeel.  I’m not usually a big rye IPA enthusiast, but the bit of rye at the end really gave this beer a little something extra to make it stand out for me.  It was a hit with the coworkers as well.