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Last weekend the family took a trip up to Haverhill, MA for an event at Winnekenni Castle.  On the way home we were in the mood for a snack and stopped off at the Tap Brewing Company’s restaurant/pub.

The pub is located in downtown Haverhill, an area with the look and feel of an old industrial center on the verge of blossoming into an up-and-coming neighborhood.  The facility itself is deceptively large, especially when entered from Washington Street where at first glance it seems to comprise entirely of a few small tables out front and a bar room immediately inside.  There is, however, plenty of additional seating out back on a large patio overlooking the Merrimack River and in another dining room downstairs where the brewing facilities are also located.

Upon taking our seats outside, I got to work deciding upon a flight.  There were about a dozen beers pouring that day in a variety of styles.  After mentally culling the list down to roughly half that number, I used the beer names to make my final choices.  First up was Invisible Creatures, a 4.7% pale ale.  It poured a cloudy yellow body and struck a nice balance between light bready malts and grapefruit bitterness.  Very mild and summery tasting.  Beer number two was called Skydog.  Listed as a 5.25% American dark lager, it had brownish, cola colored body and combined subtle sweetness with mild roasted malts.  Up next was another pale ale, this one named Home Run.  A bit bigger than the previous one at 5.6%, this was also my favorite of the two.  Pouring a nice amber color, it showcased that caramel malt/piney hop flavor profile I love so much.  Closing out the flight was Intergalactic Acid, a 3.0% Berliner weisse that was the star of the day.  Smelling vaguely sweet and floral, it packed a hugely satisfying fruity, tart, and slightly funky taste.

Based on this initial sampling I would have happily done another flight had we not been traveling with a baby.  Since we were, this is where I ended my day.  Definitely check this place out if you find yourself in the area.  In my sampling the beers ranged from good to great and we all really enjoyed sitting outside.