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Although my wife does not drink beer, she will occasionally pick a few bottles for me.  Sometimes it’s for a gift, sometimes just to give me a nice surprise, and other times because, well, we don’t have time for me to get distracted in the beer section trying to decide on what to buy.  I’ll let you the reader decide which category this fell into.

Beer Name: Birthday Suit 23

Brewery: Uinta Brewing (Salt Lake City, UT)

Style: Sour Ale

ABV: 6.5%

Description: Brewed to commemorate the brewery’s 23rd anniversary, the bomber was dated 3/7/2016 and cost $12.49.  We got this at a random liquor store in New Hampshire a couple of months ago, so I guess this guy spent some time on the shelf.  Not particularly worried considering the style.  I couldn’t find much about this online, but the description on the bottle says the beer bares a lambic malt base and Belgian yeast character.  Raspberries intermingle adding sweet fruit aroma and au-naturale earthiness to this frisky, tart birthday ale.  

Appearance: Body was a nice golden amber color that had a slight pink tint when the light caught it just right.  Forming with the pour was a fizzy off-white head of light foam.

Smell: Sweet, tart raspberries intermingled with a hint of wild yeast.

Taste: Again, tart raspberry begins upfront and lingers right on through to the finish.  Along the way it was joined by a moderate amount of brett.  The finish was dry, with a slightly acidic, sweet aftertaste.  Not particularly notable at first, a hay-like funk slowly descends over the beer as it settles into the glass, most prominent towards the middle and finish.

Mouthfeel: Medium, syrupy body with lots of lively carbonation.

Hype: Expectations were elevated when I learned this was an anniversary brew.  I figure anyone that’s been in the game for 23 years is going to know what they’re doing and put out something good to mark the occasion.

Overall: One of the benefits of my having my wife pick out the beer is that, while she knows generally what I like, things that catch her eye are often things that I might walk right by.  She happens tfrom the raspberries and how the brett funk gradually fell over this, tucking in the fruitiness like a nice (hay) blanket.  I would recommend checking out this, or any of the subsequent anniversary releases, if you’re into this style.