Relative newcomers to the local beer scene, Lamplighter Brewing Company opened their doors in November 2016 following a fairly lengthy period of permitting and construction.  In that time, their cans have gotten some pretty heavy distribution, becoming fixtures at most of my usual shops.  I’ve been tempted to try them out for a while, but never got around to it until now.

Beer Name: Sound & Vision

Brewery: Lamplighter Brewing Company (Cambridge, MA)

Style: Raspberry Sour

ABV: 5.7%

Description: Part of an ongoing series of fruited kettle sours, this version was brewed with, you guessed it, raspberries.  I couldn’t find an official link on the brewery website, a common enough occurrence but something that is starting to become a pet peeve.  Moving on, the four pack of tallboys cost me $12.99 and was from a batch dated 5/5/2017.

Appearance: Poured a reddish/light brown body through which I was just barely able to make out my fingers on the other side of the glass.  A thin off-white head formed with the pour but very quickly bubbled away.

Smell: Muted funk with a hint of berries.

Taste: Again rather mellow.  It started out with sweet raspberries upfront and turned a bit sour/tart about halfway through.  The finish brought on a moderate layer of hay-like funky yeast that mixed with just a touch of bitterness to linger on once the sip was complete.

Mouthfeel: Medium, syrupy body with a brief flurry of bubbles at the end.

Hype: Curiosity.  I’ve been eyeing this brewery for a while now.  Wanting something a bit different for an end of the week beer I decided to accomplish two goals at once.

Overall: I thought this was alright.  Not bad, but nothing to get particularly excited about either.  I wish that the berries stood out a bit more against the ending funk and that the two flavor profiles blended together a bit more. On the whole I thought this was a pretty decent pickup for a hot day, but I would go with a different style next time I try out this brewery.  This one was not quite in the same league as similar offerings I’ve had from either Night Shift or Idle Hands lately.