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I happened to be in Assembly Row last weekend and found myself having just enough time to make a stop at Slumbrew’s American Fresh Beer Garden.  The weather was warm and clear, meaning the tent was open to allow for maximum enjoyment of a beautiful day.  I had the Little Man with me for this adventure, but this spot is family-friendly during the daytime (a great decision given the location).  I got a beer and he got to dance to MC Hammer in his stroller.  Win/win right there.  An added benefit is that he almost makes up for my photography fail.

Beer Name: Heaven Scent

Brewery: Somerville Brewing Company (Somerville, MA)

Style: Sour Ale

ABV: 5.5%

Description: Five minutes of Googling didn’t turn up any additional info on this one, so I’ll just stick with the basic description of this being a sour ale brewed with passion fruit.  Cost was $7.50 per pour.

Appearance: Orange/amber body would have looked just about like a glass of juice if not for some wisps of thin white foam across the top.

Smell: Mellow tartness with a light funk in the background.

Taste: Super fruity and juicy!  Huge passion fruit presence throughout, sweet at the beginning turning to just a hint of tartness by the finish.  Extremely subtle bit of funk in there as well, the fruit was definitely the main component of this brew.

Mouthfeel: Medium bodied and low in carbonation, I noted a moderate level of that syrupy feeling I tend to get with this style ale.

Hype: None that I was aware of.  Slumbrew tends to fly below the radar in terms of beer hype.

Overall: Fruity and refreshing, this was an excellent choice for drinking outside on a hot day.  I was really into how the passion fruit took over the brew.  Had I not had my hands full with taking the baby and all his gear on the train, I would have picked up cans.  Check this one out if you’re into the style.