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My wife and I absolutely love the fall season, so we took advantage of a beautiful weekend and took an impromptu day trip up to Ipswich, MA.  After paying a visit to Russell Orchards for some apple picking and fun on the farm, we ventured downtown for dinner and a few beverages.

Built as an addition to the Ipswich Ale Brewery in early 2016, the Ipswich Brewer’s Table offers up plenty of good food and a wide variety of the beer made right next door.  Since it was such a nice day,  we went with the outdoor seating at one of the several tables set up outside.  Being located on the edge of an industrial area, it wasn’t exactly the most scenic of spots but the street we were on did have it’s own quiet charm nestled in between the brewery complex and some residential units.  For a quick note about the food, both my wife and I loved our meals; the pulled pork sandwich in particular earning my seal of approval.  Our waitress was fantastic and very attentive and accommodating of our food allergy concerns.

Now for the beer.  Seeing how we were out to celebrate the fall weather, I started my visit off with the Fall Flight featuring four of the brewery’s seasonal offerings.  Going down the list, I started out with Chucktoberfest, a solid 6.1% marzen with the malty, slightly sweet, and bready profile I was expecting from the style.  Beer number two was the Trailblazer Pale Ale which was nice and light at 4.5% with a mix of mild lemon and citrus fruitiness and bitterness.  The third brew was another pale ale named Hop Harvest.  This one came in at 7.0% and poured a bit darker amber color than the previous.  It had a nice mix of citrus sweetness blended with grapefruit bitterness.  A sweet malt backing helped make this my favorite of the flight.  The final beer in the sampler was the Pumpkin Porter.  Super rich and smooth to drink, the taste blended roasted malts with pumpkin spices.  It wasn’t bad, but admittedly not really my thing.  Full disclosure, I do have something of a history with pumpkin beers to keep in mind and also generally prefer to wait until October before trying any out.  If you’re into pumpkin beer, check this one out though.  It was definitely better than a lot of the others I’ve tried.

The main event for me was a beer that I had read some good things about but had yet to come across; the Route 1A Double IPA.  Coming at 8.2%, it poured a nice amber color with a thin slightly off-white layer of foam up top.  Taste-wise it featured a nice sweet caramel-like malt base underneath a top layer of moderate citrus sweetness, grapefruit, and resinous pine sap bitterness.  Mouthfeel was on point for the style with a steady amount of carbonation.  I was big fan of this and will be sure to keep my eye for this in the future.  

We all had an excellent time here and I would certainly recommend this as a place to check out.  Good food, good beer, and outdoor seating.  What more could you want?