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Perhaps a bit of a stretch to include on my list of Halloween inspired beers, but I’m arguing it at least fits in with the other paranormal stuff I’ve been posting lately.  For some reason, finding a steady supply of brews that tie into this theme isn’t so easy.  Step it up brewers!

Beer Name: Yeti

Brewery: Great Divide Brewing Company (Denver, CO)

Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 9.5%

Description: A well hopped imperial stout described by it creators as “an onslaught of the senses.” This is my first time drinking this in its canned format.

Appearance: Black body with a thick layer of tan foam on top.

Smell: Dark malt mixed with some really deep roasted coffee notes.

Taste: Started with a big hit of moderately roasted coffee upfront that remained fairly steady throughout the rest of the beer.  Dark malts in the background brought out some sweetness fairly early on and bring with them some dark chocolate notes as well.  The finish blended these malts with a rich, bitter roastiness and just a touch of heat at the very end.  I’d probably call it more bitter than roast, but both tastes are definitely there.

Mouthfeel: Thick, smooth body with a less than moderate level of carbonation.

Hype: I would call this well-regarded but not particularly hyped.

Overall: An old favorite that I haven’t had in quite a while.  Looking back, this combination of dark malt and bitterness used to be my go to flavor profile, so it was interesting to see how my tastes have changed over the years.  I still liked this a pretty good amount, but not quite as much as my old Untappd notes suggested that I used to.  Solid brew that shouldn’t be passed by.