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The first Friday in November saw the triumphant return of work beers!  This time around we went with an old favorite of mine.

Beer Name: Milk Stout Nitro

Brewery: Left Hand Brewing Company (Longmont, CO)

Style: Milk Stout

ABV: 6.0%

Description:  The brewers give a pretty beautiful description of the beer here on their website.  For my part, I grabbed the best glass available at the office to watch the magic of the pour in action.  My can had a best by date of 01/28/2018.

Appearance: Thick, creamy brown body intermingled with tons of foam. Once the foam settled, the beer was left with a dark black body topped by a thick tan head with near whip cream consistency.

Smell: Primarily sweet cream, backed by a bit of chocolate and coffee.

Taste: Sweet and creamy throughout, at various points along the way it picked up notes of rich, dark malts, chocolate, and very subtle coffee.  The finish was creamy with the slightest amount of light coffee.

Mouthfeel:  The body was ultimately on the thinner side, but the nitro gave it a heavier, creamy feeling.  Minimal carbonation.

Hype: No hype, just a readily available brew that’s earned a solid reputation.  I first had one of these about five years and have never stopped liking it.

Overall: Every bit as good as I remember.  Creamy and smooth with mild amounts of all the right flavors, this beer is pretty much my archetype for the style.  Do yourself a favor and don’t pass this by.