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My 16 month old, who happens to be named Jack, was way too excited when he got a glimpse of this bottle.  Not sure what he was expecting, but it’s not happening.

Beer Name: Sibling Maker

Brewery: Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers (Framingham, MA)

Style: Bourbon Barrel Barleywine

ABV: 12.6%

Description: Per the brewery website, this barleywine was aged in bourbon barrels previously used for aging their delicious Framinghammer Baltic Porter.

Appearance: Body was a dark maroonish-brown with a short lived bit of sudsy beige foam.

Smell: Sweet toffee and bourbon heat.

Taste: Toffee and molasses are the initial tastes before the bourbon came in around mid-sip to add some nice warmth to the initial sweetness.  Finished hot on the bourbon with undertones of oak, mild sweetness, and a slight leathery presence I couldn’t quite pin down.

Mouthfeel: A few notches above medium bodied.  The carbonation was minimal and really only apparent at the very end.

Hype: I was excited for this.  I really liked the previous “Maker” brews and Jack’s Abby generally does an excellent job with their barrel aged stuff.

Overall: Very good, but it didn’t quite blow me away.  The boozy finish was just fine by me, though I would have preferred just a bit more sweetness to go with it and that leathery taste on the very end threw me off a bit.  Still had a great evening sipping this after Thanksgiving dinner.  It was an excellent way to end the day.