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Like a lot of beer drinkers in my area, Sam Adams was the gateway brewery that got me into drinking craft beer.  While this offering was by no means my first beer, it does have the honor of being the first brew I checked into Untappd way back on September 4, 2011!

Beer Name: Cream Stout

Brewery: Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams) (Jamaica Plain, MA)

Style: Milk Stout

ABV: 4.9%

Description: Drawing its inspiration from English sweet stouts, the brewers describe this as a rich and creamy beer offering subtle sweetness and deep roast.

Appearance: Black body with a thin covering of light tan foam.

Smell: Blend of sweet cream and light roast.

Taste: Creamy sweetness and lightly roasted coffee were pretty much the dominant flavors throughout.  I would say the sweetness was slightly more prominent on the front end while the roast came through just a bit more on the finish where it paired with bittersweet dark chocolate.

Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with a touch less than moderate carbonation.

Hype: Is reverse hype a thing?  One of the founding fathers of “craft” beer in America, a lot of beer enthusiasts today kind of turn their noses up at them.  

Overall: A solid example of the style with a nice balance of flavors.  Pretty much exactly what I expected from a Sam Adams beer.  Put prejudices aside and hold this up against similar brews; it should more than hold its own.