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I seem to have an unofficial theme of local stouts going on this month.  It wasn’t planned, but I sure am enjoying it.

Beer Name: Sunday Paper

Brewery: Exhibit A Brewing Company (Framingham, MA)

Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 9.9%

Description: An imperial stout brewed with locally sourced malts and fresh roasted coffee.  Check out the brewery website for a bit more information.

Appearance: Dark, black body with thin, foamy tan head.

Smell: Slightly sweet with hints of lightly roasted coffee.

Taste: Very smooth, creamy malts mixed with subtle notes of light roast and sweetness.  The finish offered a hint of espresso mixed with just a touch of heat.

Mouthfeel: More than medium bodied but not quite thick. Minimal carbonation.

Hype: I really enjoyed my last two offerings from this brewery and was hoping to keep the streak alive while branching out from their double IPAs.

Overall: It was good, but ultimately not really something that stood out for me.  I think it was almost too smooth for what it was and could have done with a slightly bolder flavor and definitely a bit thicker mouthfeel.  Wasn’t bad, but got overshadowed by some of the other beers I’ve had recently.