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I picked up a can of this the other day when I swung by the brewery for the Fireplace Bananas release.  I was subsequently very surprised to find out that despite my love of both Trillium and stouts (and yes, even Trillium’s stouts) I’ve never had this before.  How did this happen?!

Beer Name: PM Dawn

Brewery: Trillium Brewing Company (Boston, MA/Canton, MA)

Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 9.0%

Description: An Imperial Stout infused with cold-brewed coffee.  As usual, you can check out Trillium’s website for some more details and brewing specs.  

Appearance: Black body with about a finger’s width of light tan foam up top.

Smell: Rich dark roast coffee with a hint of sweet cream on the end.

Taste: It started out with a bit of creamy sweetness just before a moderate layer of dark roast coffee and chocolate set in to dominate the middle.  The finish saw some of the initial sweetness return and added a slight bit of heat as the beer sat.

Mouthfeel: Very smooth with a thick, creamy body and minimal carbonation.

Hype: Elevated, as all things Trillium tend to be.  That said, this doesn’t get quite the same level of attention as the more hop forward releases do.

Overall: I really liked this.  Great coffee notes and just the right amount of sweetness.  I’ll also add that pairing this with Hershey’s kisses was an amazing experience.  Going to make sure I don’t overlook this one again!