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These Brewer’s Reserve beers have become instant pick-ups for me over the course of the past year.  And to think, I might never have found about them if not for my wife getting an excellent recommendation for Christmas gifts last December!

Beer Name: Bourbon Barrel Belgian Style Quadruple Ale

Brewery: Central Waters Brewing Company (Amherst, WI)

Style: Belgian Quadruple

ABV: 11.9%

Description: From the brief blurb on the company website, this was brewed with an eye towards combining Belgian tradition with American experimentation.

Appearance: It had a dark brownish body that pretty closely matched the color of the bottle.  There was some off-white lacing up top.

Smell: A sweet mixture of dark fruit, cotton candy, Belgian yeast, and maybe a bit of heat.

Taste: Started out sweet, again mixing cotton candy/bubblegum taste with dark fruits and malts.  This gradually tapered off as the beer moved on, taking on more of a brown sugar quality as it mixed with oak and a good amount of heat.  The finish definitely got more intense the longer the beer sat in the glass.

Mouthfeel: Just slightly shy of thick bodied, with a minimal amount of carbonation.

Hype: I’m not aware of any particular hype around these beers (they’ve all been pretty easy to get a hold of), but I sure like them.

Overall: The Brewer’s Reserve series just keeps on delivering hit after hit.  I was a big fan of this, but be warned that it did take on some impressive heat by the time I finished the bottle.  Definitely a nice beer to sip on a cold evening.