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This bottle had been in my refrigerator for a little while and finally found time the other night to revisit another old friend of mine.  I was really into this beer a few years ago, but hadn’t gotten around to drinking it since I’ve been blogging here.  Time to change that.

Beer Name: Three Philosophers

Brewery: Brewery Ommegang (Cooperstown, NY)

Style: Quadrupel Ale

ABV: 9.7%

Description: The brewers describe this as a unique blend of a Belgian dark ale and Liefman’s Kriek, a traditional Belgian cherry ale.

Appearance: It had a reddish/brown body topped by a thin, fizzy layer of light tan foam.

Smell: On the sweeter side with dark fruit and cherry standing out against undertones of malt and yeast.

Taste: Opened sweet with notes of cherry, plum, and caramel malts.  These flavors carried into the finish where they were joined by a slightly spicy bubblegum yeast, a minor clove presence, and a nice little kick of heat.  As the beer settled into the glass it blended into a warm combination of cherry, caramel, and Belgian yeast.

Mouthfeel: Roughly medium bodied with a slightly effervescent finish.

Hype: Not particularly hyped at all.  Just another example of a readily available, high quality beverage that is way too easy to walk by.

Overall: I enjoyed this and once again had a wonderful time drinking a beer I haven’t had in a while.  The cherry aspect of the Kriek blend really gave the beer a delicious sweetness that makes this standout for me.