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After working nearly 9 hours last Saturday, I feel justified in saying that I earned this beer.  At least I got to do it from home I guess.  Only once did I stare at my computer with that Geto Boys track in my head, though between the can art and viewing that clip I really feel the need to watch Office Space again.

Beer Name: We’re Going To Need You To Come In On Saturday

Brewery: Exhibit A Brewing Company (Framingham, MA)

Style: Scotch Ale

ABV: 8.4%

Description: A scotch ale the brewers describe as sweet and rich, with just a touch of bitterness for balance.  Appropriately enough I picked this up at my new favorite Downtown Boston spot during my lunch break.

Appearance: Dark copper colored body with a thin off-white lacing across the top.

Smell: Sweet mix of malt and dark fruit.

Taste: Sweetness abounded upfront in the form of toffee, dark fruits (plum and raisin), and brown sugar.  Some grainy malts picked up towards the middle while the finish featured an earthy bitterness and just a little bit of alcohol warmth on the very end.

Mouthfeel: Medium-plus body with a relatively light amount of carbonation.

Hype: None really, but it did have an awesome name!  I was also in no mood to be disappointed by the time I was able to get around to drinking this.

Overall: I am happy to report that I enjoyed this.  It was a nice beer to sip at while unwinding from a hectic day.  The finish was a bit different than what I typically expect from the style, but all-in-all I was quite pleased by the drinking experience.