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Another beer that initially caught my eye on account of the can art.  Again I must ask the question, where was this when I wanted spooky Halloween beers?

Beer Name: Snake Oil

Brewery: 4 Hands Brewing Co. (St. Louis, MO)

Style: Red IPA

ABV: 6.5%

Description: Listed as a Red IPA that was brewed with a combination of American and Australian hop varieties and caramel malts.

Appearance: Partially see-through reddish/amber body underneath a fluffy, slightly off-white layer of foam.

Smell:  Sweet with sticky pine hops on the end.

Taste: Started out with a light tropical sweetness with a cracker and caramel malts backbone.  Soon after, a pine resin bitterness slowly built up on the way to the finish, where it was joined by grapefruit.

Mouthfeel: Sticky medium body with a moderate amount of carbonation.

Hype: Slightly elevated I guess since I grabbed this during the rush of Extreme Beer Fest releases.  I was even more excited when I got this home, however, and saw that it was not just an IPA, but a Red IPA.  I have a not so secret thing for these.

Overall: A very nice reminder of why I like this style so much, I enjoyed the complimentary interplay between the hoppy and malty aspects.  I think this inspired me to go seeking out more Red IPAs once I get through my current haul.