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One of the best things about my wife surprising me with beer, other than the obvious, is that she tends to notice stuff that I might not.  She also has a pretty good track in that regard, so when I came home to find this the other day I was certainly intrigued.

Beer Name: Peach Galaxy

Brewery: Almanac Beer Company (San Francisco, CA)

Style: Sour Farmhouse Ale

ABV: 7.5%

Description: This one has quite the story behind it!  You can get the full version here, but to summarize this beer was born from the blending of various farmhouse ales, Brettanomyces, oak barrels, Galaxy and Citra hops, spices, and a whole lot of peaches.

Appearance: It had a juice-like golden/pale yellow body topped by a fizzly white head.

Smell: Lots of sweet, ripe peaches with a bit of funkiness towards the end.

Taste: Really pronounced peach sweetness upfront with a slight fruity bitterness coming through towards the middle.  The sip ended with a tart and sweet funkiness that had a moderate level of acidity. Hints of oak and subtle spices on the aftertaste after sitting in the glass for a bit.

Mouthfeel: Medium body that had a slightly syrupy finish with a just below moderate level of carbonation.

Hype: I am guessing none?  For what it’s worth I was unaware of this beer until my wife surprised me with it.

Overall: I liked this a lot.  It was light and fruity (ok – peachy) despite the fairly elevated ABV and had a nice bit of funk on the finish.  Might seek this one out again when the weather gets a bit nicer and I sit out on my back deck.