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Having a fondness for both red IPAs and brews aged in Bourbon barrels, how could I not try this?

Beer Name: Dankwood

Brewery: Founder’s Brewing Company (Grand Rapids, MI)

Style: Red IPA aged in Bourbon Barrels

ABV: 12.2%

Description: Called “the perfect alchemy of wood and hops,” the brewers took a big red IPA and aged it in bourbon Barrels.

Appearance: Medium brown/dark caramel colored body topped with a thick off-white foam.

Smell: Sweet caramel malts upfront backed up by bourbon barrels.

Taste: Started out sweet with notes of caramel malt and toffee before a dank, resinous bitterness set in right around mid-sip.  A heavy barrel influence set in shortly thereafter which carried the beer into a big pine and bourbon finish. Came with a bit of heat after settling into the glass for a bit.

Mouthfeel: Smooth medium-plus body with a roughly moderate level of carbonation.

Hype: It earned a social media shout-out from a few of my local shops, but I don’t get the sense that there’s a huge demand on this.  I was excited though.

Overall: Tasty, but strong!  A delicious brew but definitely one you want to make sure you are ready for.  Tasted like a very good high ABV red IPA to start and then about halfway through those bourbon barrels hit and the beer took off to a whole other level.  Check this one out!