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Last weekend our quest for family fun brought us to Lookout Farm, located just about an hour southwest of BeerRantsandBooks HQ in South Natick, MA.  This trip did not disappoint; the spacious farm was beautiful to behold and with two play areas and a train to transport visitors around the premises there was plenty to keep our toddler well entertained.  That alone would have made for a pretty good day, but the farm also had another treat in store for us: a taproom serving food and a variety of farm brewed beer and cider. Talk about something for everyone!

I decided to go with a beer flight to (responsibly) get as much of a sense of what they had to offer as possible.  Going in the order of right to left, the sampler offered a nice mix of styles and flavors, starting with Super Yellow Pilsner.  Checking in at 5.6% it had a nice clean, light taste and was rather refreshing after a day out in the sun.  Up next was Natick Nectar, a smooth, funky, and slightly sweet 4.7% witbier brewed with peaches.  Not sure the funk quite fit, but it wasn’t bad either and had a nice fruitiness.  Beer number three was a 6.4% hoppy red ale named Big Red Barn Ale.  I consider myself an aficionado of this style and was quite pleased by this offering.  Its sweet caramel malt base and fresh, hazy resinous hop presence hit all the right boxes for me.  Closing things out was Harvest Day, a 6.7% IPA featuring a grassy/piney hop bitterness atop a slightly sweet light malt base.  The glass behind the flight contains their Hop Up cider, which got an enthusiastic thumbs up from my wife.  

Although I am going to limit my reviews here to the beer, I do want to put in a quick plug for the food  The fried Brussels sprouts and french fries we had were both fantastic, and they served up a pretty good pretzel and cheese and sausage plate as well.  Also of note, food allergies are a concern in my family and the bartender serving us was very helpful and accommodating in helping us make our decisions.

All in all we had a great time here and will definitely be coming back during the months ahead.  There were a couple of brews on tap that I did not get a chance to try this, a stout and a triple, so for sure I’ll be checking those out if they’re still around next time.