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After navigating through a particularly hectic bit of life these last few weeks I was in the mood to just sit down and read something light and fun.  After perusing my options, I decided to go with a collection of my favorite web comics. I first came across Sarah’s Scribbles randomly on Facebook a couple of years ago and have been following the artist on Instagram ever since.

These comics tend to be amusing, episodic slice of life peeks at the experiences of an unnamed young woman.  The humor frequently involves her introversion, social awkwardness, and tendency to procrastinate – all things I find extremely relatable.  The strips are funny but at the same very real to me in how directly applicable they are to my life. An example of one that pretty much nailed my experiences the other day:

Topics geared more towards the ladies in the audience often come up as well, with menstruation and clothing woes being common themes, but I’ll admit I found these panels just as amusing as the ones that spoke to me more directly.  Again, the subject matter is humorous but so very real and I can laugh along without the firsthand experience. To give you a taste of something I found particularly noteworthy from this department:

I don’t have much else to say about this book other than I really enjoy this artist and the Sarah’s Scribbles strip it has emerged as one of my favorites from my “adult” life (favorite childhood comics being a topic for another day).  For more, you can check out the artist’s website here or head on over to her Instagram feed and scroll through the goodness.