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And here I am with my second Musical Monday post!  It also happens to feature another CD released in 1996, which I guess was a pretty influential year on me music-wise (I was 14).  A friend of mine in college once brought up his theory that 1996 was the best year for music in our lifetimes and I must say that I am inclined to agree with him.  That, however, is an entirely different discussion so let’s focus instead on the album at hand.

Album: Gravity Kills

Artist: Gravity Kills

Genre: Industrial/Rock

Released: 1996

Description: The band’s debut album, this one runs at a tight 39:18 and its 11 tracks flow smoothly into one another, maintaining an excellent beat throughout the disc.  The band mixes heavy guitars and a blend of raw and haunting audio effects with an electronic/pop vibe that I think gives them a slightly more upbeat style than some of the other groups associated with the genre.

My Experience: I first came across this band on track two of the now legendary Mortal Kombat: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.  While the movie itself is largely forgettable with its painful mid-90s CGI and B-film acting, the soundtrack is another matter entirely and probably worthy of its own Music Monday post at some point down the line.  But I digress. Gravity Kills made the disc with a demo version of their song Goodbye that made quite an impression on my teenage self.  It inspired me to seek out the CD reviewed here and I quickly became a fan.  A year or so later I convinced my mom to let me go to one of their shows on a school night and thus, on an early summer night in 1998 I went to my first ever concert at the Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge, MA.

The Music: At this point I just want to say a big thank you to @GravityKillsMusic for uploading the album to YouTube.  This looks like an official band account, so I am putting the link here so anyone interested can check them out.  In no particular order my top three tracks from this listening session are Guilty, Enough, and Inside though I must say I still enjoyed them all, especially when taken as a whole.