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I was once again looking for something a little different the last time I went shopping for beer and this mixed six-pack from Unibroue happened to catch my eye.  This Chambly, Quebec based brewery played a big role in my early transition towards good beer and I’ve had a soft spot for them ever since. This mix pack came with one 12 ounce bottle of six different brews which I am opting to review as a set rather than split up across multiple posts.  So, without further ado, here are the beers in roughly the order in which I drank them over that the course of this past week.

Ephemere Fraise & Rhubarbe (5.5%)

The first of two Belgian-style wheat beers brewed with fruit, this one featured strawberry and rhubarb.  It poured a light tannish/copper body and had a slightly vegetal smell lurking beneath a huge amount of berry sweetness.  The taste was highlighted by candy malts, a mostly sweet and slightly tart mix of strawberry and rhubarb, and an ending that featured the distinct influence of Belgian-style yeast.  Medium bodied with above average carbonation, I really enjoyed this and definitely could have gone for another one.

Ephemere Pomme (5.5%)

The second fruit flavored Belgian wheat beer in the box, this one brewed with apples and poured to nice golden copper body with a short-lived fizzly white head.  It tasted of sweet green apples and had a light tart funkiness in the background with just a bit of pepper yest on the end. Light and bubbly with a slightly dry finish, I found this offering quite delicious and refreshing, on par with its cousin above.

A Tout le Monde (4.5%)

Brewed in collaboration with Megadeath co-founder Dave Mustaine, this sessionable saison is apparently the lowest ABV offering in the brewery’s lineup.  It poured a cloudy, yellowish-copper body topped by a slightly off-white head of foam. Both the smell and taste featured notes of orange peel and coriander with the later picking up bits of caramel malt, earthy tartness, and a mix of piney and floral hops on the way to the finish.  The mouthfeel was light and slightly creamy with a steady above average level of carbonation throughout.

Blanche De Chambly  (5.0%)

A wheat beer that poured to a cloudy, dark-straw colored body underneath a full head of white foam.  It had a clean wheaty taste with notes of spicy banana yeast, orange peel, and coriander. The mouthfeel was on the thicker end of medium and the carbonation level was right around moderate.  All in all a very solid brew and one that enjoyed having with me on hot a summer day.

Maudite (8.0%)

And now we creep into the mixpack’s larger offerings.  This Belgian Dubbel had a dark brown body that nearly matched the color of the bottle and was topped off by a thick, foamy head.  Both the taste and smell combined bubblegum yeast, dark fruits, a bit of spice, and a smooth malty backbone. The finish was a bit on the boozy side, but not at all out of balance with flavor of the beer.

La Fin du Monde (9.0%)

Appropriately enough, my time with the mix pack ended here.  If memory serves correctly, this was one of the first Belgian Tripels I ever drank and to this day I’ll make a point of ordering one if I see it as an option.  It offed up a smooth blend of sweet malts, dark fruit, and a lightly peppery/banana yeast presence. The finish was dry with a warming hint of alcohol that was nicely complimented by the medium body and above average level of carbonation.  An old favorite that has stood the test of time.

Needless to say, I really enjoyed this six-pack and walked away from it very happy with my purchase.  The beers were all tasty and on point, and it was rather refreshing to get a mix pack like this and not have it contain any IPAs.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my hop-forward brews, but I think I’ve been a bit burnt out on reviewing of late so these beers were all a welcomed change of pace.  As an added bonus, the six-pack came at a very nice price point in the $10-12 range which was definitely welcomed considering the price of quality beer these days.