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Checking in with another brew from my recent visit to Tree House Brewing.  That mini-fridge full of beer isn’t going to drink itself!

Beer Name: Haze

Brewery: Tree House Brewing Company (Charlton, MA)

Style: New England Double IPA

ABV: 8.2%

Description: A double IPA brewed with pale and robust regimen of kettle and dry hopping with select varieties from the American Northwest region.  Read more about it here.

Appearance: It (appropriately) poured a hazy, golden/pale yellow body and was topped by a thin white head of foam.

Smell: Lots of fruit, mainly of the tropical variety, upfront with a piney, resinous finish.

Taste: A whole more fruit going on, this time a pretty even mix of varieties with orange, mango, peach, and tangerine coming together in fresh blend of sweetness.  A dank layer of bitter, earthy pine resin picked up towards the end where flashes of the pale malt backbone came out as well.

Mouthfeel: It had a sticky, slightly above medium body with a moderate amount of carbonation that seemed to ramp up slightly on the very end of the sip.

Hype: Again, elevated.  This is another one of those elusive Tree House brews I’ve heard a lot of good things about.

Overall: Delicious and very aptly named, this one delivered upon my expectations.  It nicely showcased both the smooth juicy flavors and bitter hop notes one looks for in this style.